Weekly Church Services

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We welcome you to come to any of the regular services described below. Occasionally these times vary, so be sure to check the service calendar


Divine Liturgy, Sunday 10:00 am

Fr. Geoff delivering the message during the Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is our main service every week. It consists of prayers and petitions, praise and hymns, worship and fellowship. The service is very beautiful, conveying God’s glory through all senses of sight and smell and taste and touch.

The focus of this service is to gather around God’s throne and engage in heavenly worship and divine fellowship. It is a foretaste of heaven.

We praise, we bless, we sing to our God. We join in fellowship with all the faithful gathered around God’s throne. We hear the proclamation of the Gospel and a spiritual message. We engage in prayers for ourselves and the world. The culmination and focus of the service is Eucharistic thanksgiving and the service of the Holy Mystery of Communion.

You will be given a service book by an attendant at the door. If you’re visiting for the first time, our best advice is to be careful not to be caught up in the service book. You have an opportunity to witness a majestic drama, so let the service flow around you and see the sights, hear the sounds, smell and touch and taste heaven on earth.  

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Sunday School 11:45 am

Children assemble for a Sunday School procession

All children are welcome to attend Sunday School to participate in activity-based learning. Sunday School is a multi-age program run during school terms that provides religious instruction in a warm and nurturing environment on Orthodox traditions and the message of the Gospel. The aims of the Sunday School are:

  • to grow in love of Christ
  • to complement the religious education of the family
  • promote Christian fellowship among children

Pre-school aged children are welcome to participate in Sunday School lessons with a parent.

The Divine Liturgy is designed for the entire family, so we encourage you to bring your children for the Divine Liturgy. Sunday School children are encouraged to come up first to receive communion before commencing their Sunday School lessons. Sunday School is held in a room just outside of the main chapel, in the Religious Centre’s Room G11A. The lessons conclude approximately 15 minutes after the end of Liturgy.

Sunday school runs every Sunday during School Terms.

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The Good Shepherd Parish is committed to child safety.

View our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety here.


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