Sunday School

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The Good Shepherd Sunday School

Caters for ages 5–12

All children are welcome to attend Sunday School to participate in activity-based learning. Sunday School is a multi-age program run during school terms that provides religious instruction in a warm and nurturing environment. Children are led to understand the message of the Gospel through learning Orthodox traditions. The aims of the Sunday School are:

  • to grow in love of Christ
  • to complement the religious education of the family
  • promote Christian fellowship among children

Pre-school aged children are welcome to participate in Sunday School lessons with a parent. Sunday school runs every Sunday during School Terms.

All children must be signed into and out of Sunday School by their parent.

Our approach to children’s education

The Divine Liturgy is designed for the entire family and we encourage you to bring your children. The prayers, songs and spiritual lessons within the Divine Liturgy is equally appropriate for children as for adults. The prayers and songs they learn within the Divine Liturgy can be used for their entire lives.

Near the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, Sunday School children are encouraged to come up first to receive communion so they can commence their Sunday School lessons promptly. Sunday School is held in a room just outside of the main chapel, in the Religious Centre’s Room G11A. The lessons conclude approximately 15 minutes after the end of Liturgy.


The Good Shepherd Parish is committed to child safety.

View our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety here.