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The Good Shepherd Main Chapel, beginning of Matins

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Come join us as we gather to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ at the dawn of a new day.

Matins — Sunday, 9:00am

Held early in the morning, Matins is the declaration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Like all Orthodox worship, Matins follows a common pattern which allows the congregation to be totally immersed. The service consists of psalms, prayers and spiritual songs. Like all Orthodox services, the atmosphere is calm and soothing, using only human voices to return praise and thanksgiving to God.

Matins is chanted and sung, and through its hymnody reveals the theology of the Church.

You will be warmly welcomed when you attend Matins.

Scriptures & Psalms for Matins

Every week, these six psalms are read at the beginning of the service: 

The Epistle and Gospel readings for Matins change each week. Psalm 50 LXX is said after the Gospel reading.


All services are in the English language and are held in the Monash Uniting Church Hall, 1939 Princes Hwy, Clayton.

Confessions can be heard from 9.30 am for those who have to travel long distances.