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Think you know Christianity?

You might have been to church before, or known someone who has. Or you might even be a regular church-going Christian. No matter your background, Frederica Matthewes-Green introduces a version of Christianity that is radically different from the Christianity you may think you know.

The Orthodox Faith is older, deeper, and more mystical than regular versions of Christianity. It's a timeless Christianity with such depth, breadth, beauty and grandeur that it’d take lifetimes to exhaust.



Frederica provides a range of short introductions to the Orthodox Faith.

What Orthodox Christians believe about:

What you can expect to see in church:

Orthodox worship services:


One thing that surprised me

What was it that surprised Frederica about the Orthodox Church?

One of the Things That Surprised Me About the Orthodox Church

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What do Orthodox Christians believe about sin?

Ever heard it said that there’s nothing good about you? That’s not how God sees you!

The Condition of Sin According to the Orthodox Church

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What do Orthodox Christians believe about salvation?

“How can I be saved?” is one of the oldest, most apt questions anyone could ask.

Orthodoxy and the Atonement

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What is the goal of Christianity?

The goal of Christianity is broader than personal salvation.

Theosis Part I: Glowing with the Light of Christ

Theosis Part II: The Goal of Orthodox Christianity

Theosis III: The Energy of God in You

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The Light of God’s Presence

God works in Christians by lighting them with His Presence.

Theosis IV: God as Light and Fire

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Hellfire & God’s Love

How can a Loving God send someone to hell? He doesn’t.

God as Light and Fire: The Hellfire of God's Love

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The Orthodox Vespers Service

We meet for Vespers at 5:00pm on Saturday. Discover what Vespers is all about.

The Vespers Service in the Orthodox Church

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The Orthodox Divine Liturgy

Divine Liturgy starts at 10:00am Sunday morning. Here’s what happens.

An Overview of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy

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The worship space

The Orthodox worship space is so filled with beauty and grandeur, it's fit for a King!

An Introduction to the Orthodox Worship Space

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The choir and chanters

It is the choir who leads an Orthodox worship service.

The Choir and the Chanters in the Orthodox Church

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Incense in Orthodox Worship

Believe it or not, incense has always been used in the worship of God.

The Sign of the Cross, Icons, and Tradition in the Orthodox Church

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Asking our friends to pray for us

Most Christians ask a friend to pray for them.

We all need someone’s help from time to time … 

What Do You Mean, 'Pray to the Saints?'

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Why Orthodox Christians repeat, “Lord, have mercy”

“Lord, have mercy” might sound like groveling and begging. But it is meant in a very positive way. It is a translation of the Greek words “Kyrie Eleison,” meaning “Lord, free us” and “Lord, heal us”!

Why Do Orthodox Christians Repeat 'Lord Have Mercy'?

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The Role of the Virgin Mary in the Orthodox Church

The Role of the Virgin Mary in the Orthodox Church

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