Russian Roulette for Women

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The Government has announced that it is to subsidise abortion drug RU486. I am very concerned about the dangers for women, especially young women who are looking for a “cheap way out” of a problem. There are serious question marks over the health impacts on women of this drug. Let’s look at why this is.

Abortion Drugs: Russian Roulette

In 2010, a Melbourne woman tragically died from infection after taking RU486.

RU486 works by destroying the developing fetus in the womb by depriving the baby of nourishment. Another drug (Misoprostol) is then given to help expel the dead baby. This process may be extremely painful and lead to heavy blood loss and infection. Some women, including at least one Australian as already mentioned, have died of septicaemia as a result. A SA study of 7,000 abortions found a significantly higher percentage of complications after RU486 abortions compared with surgical abortions.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration told the Senate last year that since 2006 there had been 832 adverse impacts on women as a result of RU486, with 599 of these women requiring surgery to remove a poisoned embryo.

It is understood that this represents about five per cent of cases of the drug use. That’s a one in twenty chance of something going seriously wrong for anyone using this drug. It’s almost like Russian roulette.

Women facing unsupported pregnancies should be offered real support — not a chemical which is harmful to both them and their unborn child.

If you need support, you can get some here.


Government policy contravenes human rights

It is the duty of our government to protect the most vulnerable, and to protect women from potential harm. Subsidising RU486 does the exact opposite.

Taxpayer funding of this drug also means everyone who does not support abortion has their freedom of conscience trampled upon by making them complicit in abortion.

The government should not force those who do not agree with abortion to help pay for it.

Subsidising the controversial drug ignores the human rights of the unborn.