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Exploring Orthodoxy Check-in

I’m tremendously excited about the upcoming Exploring Orthodoxy event on 25 August 2019.

Last year was the inaugural Exploring Orthodoxy event. It was a remarkable success with great attendance and people coming from as far afield as New Zealand to attend. What was particularly successful was the fact that for the first time so many people had a chance to be introduced to genuine Orthodox spirituality. We also received feedback from visiting Orthodox folk that the event provided a tremendous boost to their own spirituality, as it reminded them of just how special a treasure is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is communicated through the Orthodox Tradition.

Fr. Geoff speaking at Exploring Orthodoxy 2018

Our keynote speaker this year is the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines—our very own Metropolitan Basilios. Metropolitan Basilios has specialised in Orthodox Spirituality and was awarded his PhD in the study of ‘The Philokalia’—which is the topic he will be presenting in his keynote address. We are looking forward to hearing Metropolitan Basilios explain how ‘The Philokalia’ helps personal spiritual renewal and how it has influenced modern Orthodox spirituality.

Before the presentations, however, Metropolitan Basilios will also be serving Matins and a hierarchical Divine Liturgy in which he will deliver the homily. As a local church, we welcome our shepherd for his second visit to The Good Shepherd and invite anyone wishing to join us and experience Metropolitan Basilios’ spiritual ministrations. Whether this would be your first time in an Orthodox parish or whether you’re a cradle Orthodox, we’re positive there will be a spiritual blessing for you at The Good Shepherd Orthodox Church on 25 August.

Listening to the presentations at Exploring Orthodoxy 2018

Not only will we have our Metropolitan Archbishop at the end of the event, but we also have a second specialist on Orthodox Spirituality. The Very Rev Dr Doru Costache is a Senior Lecturer in Patristic Studies at St Cyril's Coptic Orthodox Theological College, which is part of the Sydney College of Divinity. He is the co-founder of the Australian Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, as well as a noted author and parish priest, serving an English-language mission under the auspices of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to his presentation of Charismatic Experiences arising within and from ‘The Philokalia.’

We anticipate being blessed by both of these visiting speakers.

For those visitors who will be attending the Divine Liturgy for the first time, the coordinator of our Welcoming Team, Joanne Ball, will be providing an introduction in the Small Chapel before the service starts (while Matins is being said in the Main Chapel). The presentation will also be relevant to those who want to be able to explain some aspects of the Liturgy to others who are visiting an Orthodox Church for the first time.

Lunch will be provided

The day won’t just be about listening to speakers. It will also be a day in which you will be able to witness the beauty of corporate Orthodox worship in a modern, multi-cultural English-speaking setting. You will also be treated to a demonstration of the process of producing icons, a chance to browse some classic books on Orthodox spirituality and to meet practising Orthodox from parishes right across Melbourne. 

Icon demonstration

By the way, the people who run the bookstall asked me to say that if you’d like to purchase books, icons, prayer ropes, etc. to please bring cash (as they cannot accept any electronic payments).

Families with primary school-age children will be catered for with a special children’s program so that parents can hear the presentations without interruption.

School age children will have their own program

As you can tell, I’m tremendously excited by the planned day, and personally invite you to attend. We’d love to see you there.

I’m sure that your presence will prove to be a spiritual blessing for both you and us on that day and I look forward to seeing you there.

Here’s the day’s program. Please remember to register as it helps us to properly cater the event.

God’s Blessings be upon you and yours,
— Fr. Geoff.


About us

The Good Shepherd Orthodox Church, located in Clayton, Melbourne, is a living witness to the power of the Gospel and the fullness of the Christian Faith in modern, secular Australia.

We are a vibrant Australian Christian community under the direction of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand & the Philippines, which belongs to the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East.

The Church of Antioch is the continuation of the Christian community founded in Antioch by the Apostle Peter (who served as its first bishop). The Patriarchate of Antioch is the oldest of the ancient Patriarchates constituting the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.

All services are in the English language and the Divine Liturgy is held in the Main Chapel of the Religious Centre at Monash University, Clayton Campus, conveniently located in the centre of Melbourne’s residential population.

Parking in the University car parks is free on weekends—but please take note of all signs regarding Loading Zones, Permit Zones, No Standing and Disabled Parking—these restrictions apply and are enforced on weekends.


Map showing directions to the Clayton Campus Religious Centre